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Post  Reluck+ on Mon May 14, 2012 5:34 pm

Please read this before posting to apply.
What is a cleaner?
To put it in one sentence, a cleaner is someone who uses image editing software to fix imperfections in the "raw" version to produce a "cleaned" version (as taken from the godly wikipedia xD)

What am I expected to do as a cleaner?
Cleaning isn't just simply erasing the speech bubbles. If the raw is all grey and dull, you obviously need to do something about it. You may also need to redraw the picture underneath the text or get rid of the gutter shadows, depending on the raws. Below are some very good tutorials. These links are also included in the cleaning test that you will have to download, so you can take a look at them later as well.

Any other questions? You can ask in your reply below, try to catch me in our chatbox here, send me a private message, or email us at rayns.lelescans@hotmail.com (but please don't send in applications to our email. I'd appreciate it if you post under "Applicants").

→Application format;
Create a new topic here. DO NOT post a reply to this sticky. Only post here if you have a question.

Title of your topic: Your username: Cleaner application
Age (or age group, 12-15, 16-18, 18+):
Experience (if any):
Genre(s)/Project(s) you'd like to help with:
Time zone:
Link to your cleaned scans:
(This information will be included in your cleaning test below too.)

→Test download;
Cleaning test

Thank for applying~

Final note: If you are a guest, please leave an email or some sort so that we can reply you. Thanks.

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